Useful Links

Meeting Minutes

Missed a meeting? All you need to know is right here!

Study Groups Google Doc

Add your name, number, and email to each class you're taking in order to form study groups and survive through classes like Organic Chemistry and Cell Biology!

Pre-Vet Club Google Group

Once you pay your dues ($10 per semester) and give our Historian, Audrey Wallace, an email address that is linked to a Google account, you will be granted access to our Google Group.

In the Google Group are links to our Test Bank and the answers to our Accepted Vet Student Survey to help you prepare for your upcoming application!

Member Point Totals

Make sure your points for the semester are up to date using our Point Totals Doc! If you believe there is a discrepancy with your points, please don't hesitate to contact the officer in charge of the event in question. The email addresses of all the officers appear on the Contact Us page!

Google Calendar

Keep up with all of our upcoming events and activities by saving our Calendar! Click on the link above to add it to your own Google Calendar or view it without saving on the Calendar page!

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