Constitution of the University of Georgia Pre-Veterinary Club


We the members of the University of Georgia Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club, and subscribing to the regulations and policies of the University of Georgia, establish this Constitution to govern the matters within our organization.

Article I: Name

This organization should be named the Pre-Veterinary Club and henceforth be known as the "UGA Pre-Vet Club."

Article II: Purpose/Mission

The purpose of the UGA Pre-Vet Club is to promote the interests of the field of veterinary medicine and to acquaint the members with different aspects of veterinary medicine.

Article III: Requirements and Benefits of Membership

Membership is open to all those interested in promoting the principles of veterinary medicine. Membership is not limited to registered pre-vet students. Attendance at functions and meetings is stressed. All members must pay dues, per semester or year. Dues are subject to yearly change by the Executive Committee. An active member must attend one-half (50%) of all meetings per semester. An active member is considered one who has paid all dues and has participated in one fundraising and one community function per semester, as well as the Santa Paws in the Fall semester and Dawg Jog in the Spring semester. All active members will receive Listserv announcements for the duration of their membership. All active members shall be eligible for financial aid for club trips from the club treasury as determined by the executive board.

Article IV: Non-Discrimination

a. Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

b. Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students as stated in the University of Georgia Non-discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments Act of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex or handicap in most educational programs and activities within the University.

Article V: Officers and Qualifications

a. The executive board of the UGA Pre-Vet Club shall consist of the offices of president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, historian, fundraising chairperson, advertising chairperson, community service chairperson, members' activities chairperson, and organization outreach chairperson.

The President:

The Vice-President:

The Secretary:

The Treasurer:

The Historian:

The Advertising Chairperson:

The Community Service Chairperson:

The Members' Activities Chairperson:

Organization Outreach Chairperson:

b. Only active members are eligible for office. No member is elligible for the office of president or vice-president his/her first year in the club. In the event that only one qualified person runs unopposed, or no one qualifies to run, active first-year members may run for the office of vice-president.

c. Elections will be held yearly for each office.

d. Elections will take place in the spring of each year. The new officers will take office at the final meeting of the spring semester. Terms can be consecutive.

e. Elections will be by show of hand unless otherwise requested. Nominations will be from the floor. In order to be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast. When two candidates with the highest number of votes are in a close tie, a runoff can be held as determined by all present officers.

f. All officers are required to attend every official meeting unless otherwise arranged with the president or vice-president. Any officer not fulfilling his/her required duties is eligible for impeachment by a motion from the floor with a 3/4 (three-fourths) majority concurring.

g. No officer position shall be vacant.

Article VI: Meetings

a. All club activities have the specific purpose of promoting the veterinary field. All activities are for charitable purposes or community service or for the enhancement of the club. Any revenues gained through these activities shall be given to some charity or retained for the club to use as decided by the membership. Membership involvement in the activities is stressed. Funds for club trips will be used in preference for active members.

b. A quorum shall consist of 75% of voting members present at any meeting.

Article VII: Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any regularly called meeting of the membership by a 2/3 (twothirds) majority of the members present. An amendment must be read before the club at least one previous meeting prior to a vote for ratification.

Article VIII: Advisors

Club advisors will be chosen from the UGA faculty to assist with meetings or events, when needed and serve as liaisons between the club and the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and university system.

Email us with any questions or recommendations concerning the constitution.