Our next meeting is on Monday, February 22nd at 7:30 pm in Room H237 of the UGA Vet School. (The entrance along D.W. Brooks Drive, first main door from Carlton Street --not the one with pillars-- large auditorium immediately to the left when you first walk in). As always, we will be having a guest speaker and free food!

Latest News

2/8/16 Minutes:

Dawg Jog!   On Sat., Mar. 26, at 8:30 a.m. we will be having our annual Dawg Jog 5K!  You can view the attached flyer for more information.  Participation in this event is a mandatory active member requirement.  Here are ways you can help out and fulfill this requirement:

1.   Register yourself to run on March 26th (or sign up and get a shirt if you will not be in town but would like to contribute to the Boo Radley Foundation). Register here!

2.   Recruit someone to run! On the form they must say you recruited them.  A prize will be awarded to the person who recruits the most participants!

3.   Tabling at Ramsey (Date TBA)

4.   Street Painting (Date TBA)

5.   Help make signs (Date TBA)

6.   Volunteer at Dawg Jog on March 26- We really need help for set-up, check-ins, and race crew!

Ice Skating   On Fri., Feb. 12, at 7 p.m., join us at the Classic Center to go ice skating!  Sign up here for this members activity.

AAHS Item of the Month is Purina cat and kitten chow.  Bring these in at the next meeting for community service points!  

Pay dues by the next meeting to be considered an active member for the semester.

New Hope Animal Sanctuary   There will be a volunteer day at the New Hope Animal Sanctuary on ​Feb. 13.  Tasks will include making enrichment items, making meals, cleaning, and raking paths.  If you would like to participate (and receive community service points), sign up here!

Google Calendar   Since we announce so many events at our meetings, it can get difficult to remember when they are.  The Pre-Vet Club Google Calendar is here to help!  

Keep track of your points here with our club points Google doc!  If you notice any discrepancies, please bring it to our attention so that we may make corrections.

Study Groups  Are you struggling in Gen. Chem.?  Banging your head against your Biology textbook?  Wondering what in the world Physics even has to do with becoming a veterinarian?  Then we have a solution for you.  It's the Pre-Vet Study Group Google Doc!  Just find your class, list your name and contact information, and look for other people taking the same classes as you are.  That way you can get in touch with them and organize a study group.  Happy studying!

Test Bank   For those of you new to Pre-Vet Club, we have a test bank available to our members to help you study.  If you have paid dues, you can email our historian, Lizzy, at prevethist@gmail.com for access to our test bank.  You can also submit your own tests for chances to win the raffle we hold at the end of the semester!  Also, don't forget to join the Pre-Vet Club Book Selling Group on Facebook to save money on textbooks.

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Book Selling Group

Join our Pre-Vet Club Book Selling group on Facebook to buy/sell books to fellow pre-vetters!

Digital Test Bank - Google Drive

One of the perks of active membership is access to the club's test bank! Once you've paid your dues, you can contact Lizzy Evernham, our historian, at prevethist@gmail.com for more information about gaining access. If you have any old test from your classes, please send them to Lizzy. You will get 3 points per class that you turn in. (Note: You have to turn in all the tests from the class in order to receive full points). For every test you submit, your name will be put in a raffle, and you will be entered for a chance to win a prize at the end of the semester! Paper tests will be converted into digital files and returned to you. 

Google Calendar

Lost your newsletter? Didn’t write down a date? Check out our Pre-Vet Google Calendar to keep up with upcoming events!


Follow Camille Grant's blog about her years in Vet School at UGA. She gives helpful advise and also an inside perspective on what it is like as a vet student!


If you have any comments, questions, bug reports or suggestions regarding this page, please contact Historian Lizzy Evernham at prevethist@gmail.com.